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Don’t fall victim to overseas job scams—POEA

Dear [Name of Jobseeker]

Don’t be conned: A trusting nature can turn your dream job search into a nightmare! POEA warns anew about bogus job offers being posted online by fake local and foreign recruitment firms. Some of the latest Internet scams:

  • Unscrupulous persons e-mail you an enticing job offer using the fake letterhead of a foreign embassy or legitimate company. You are asked to communicate directly with an agent overseas and pay him for the “processing” of your visas and work permits, which will be refunded by the employer when you start working.

  • Some scammers send applicants an e-mail offering to send them to a foreign country using only a student visa. You then meet the fake agent for an interview, which you “pass.” But must pay US$625 (about P30,000) in “processing” or “consultation fee.” You are also asked to shell out partial payment for a “guaranteed” multiple entry student visa. You pay the balance once you have found a job abroad.

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