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Centro Escolar University

Centro Escolar University houses 12 buildings that are used in catering to the educational needs to an average of 20,000 students per year. Considered as one of the most stable institution in the country, the University has pursued academic excellence in its course offerings by continuously raising quality standards, upgrading facilities, updating curricula, and developing a highly professional and dynamic teaching force and university staff.

College Instructor
(National Capital Reg)


We are in need of College Instructors to teach:
· Biology (Manila and Makati)
· Business Administration/Management (Malolos)
· Chemistry (Manila)
· Dentistry (Makati)
· English (Manila)
· Foreign Languages (Manila, Makati and Malolos)
· Hotel and Restaurant Management (Manila, Makati and Malolos)
· Humanities (Manila and Makati)
· Medical Technology (Manila)
· Nursing (Manila and Makati)
· Pathology (Manila and Malolos)
· Pharmacy (Manila)
· Philosophy (Makati and Malolos)
· Physical Education (Manila and Makati)
· Physics (Manila and Makati)
· Pilipino (Manila and Makati)
· Psychology (Manila, Makati and Malolos)
· Social Sciences (Manila and Makati)
· Theology (Manila)
· Tourism (Manila and Makati)


  1. At Least 18 units of Post Graduate Diploma / Master’s Degree
  2. Professional License, if applicable
  3. Preferably with at least 1 year of teaching experience (and 1 year hospital experience for Nursing Instructors)
 Full-time and part-time positions available.

# 9 Mendiola St., San Miguel Manila


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