• Coordinate and direct activities of workers engaged in cutting, transporting, storing, or milling products and in maintaining records
  • Arrange for processing and/or resale of purchased products
  • Determines method of procurement, such as direct purchase or bid
  • Prepares purchase orders or bid requests
  • Reviews bid proposals and negotiates contracts within budgetary limitations and scope of authority
  • Negotiate contracts with farmers for the production or purchase of farm products
  • Review orders to determine product types and quantities required to meet demand
  • Advise farm groups and growers on land preparation and livestock care techniques that will maximize the quantity and quality of production
  • Estimate land production possibilities, surveying property and studying factors such as crop rotation history, soil fertility, and irrigation facilities
  • May approve invoices for payment
  • May expedite delivery of goods to users
  • Arrange for transportation and/or storage of purchased products
  • Examine and test crops and products to estimate their value, determine their grade, and locate any evidence of disease or insect damage
  • Maintain records of business transactions and product inventories, reporting data to companies or government agencies as necessary
  • Maintains manual or computerized procurement records, such as items or services purchased, costs, delivery, product quality or performance, and inventories
  • Discusses defective or unacceptable goods or services with inspection or quality control personnel, users, vendors, and others to determine source of trouble and take corrective action
  • Sell supplies such as seed, feed, fertilizers, and insecticides, arranging for loans or financing as necessary
  • Coordinates activities involved with procuring goods and services, such as raw materials, equipment, tools, parts, supplies, and advertising, for establishment
  • Reviews requisitions
  • Confers with vendors to obtain product or service information, such as price, availability, and delivery schedule
  • Selects products for purchase by testing, observing, or examining items
  • Estimates values according to knowledge of market price
  • Calculate applicable government grain quotas


  • Good communication skills in speech and writing and a positive, pleasant and energetic attitude are particularly valuable in an area of work where there are so many internal and external contracts at all levels
  • The development of ability in contract and other negotiations is essential
  • Numerical skills are important especially for working in a manufacturing environment in conjunction with Production Planners
  • Normal color vision may be required for certain areas of work

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