5 Steps to Writing a Good Cover Letter That Will Get You an Internship

5 Steps to Writing a Good Cover Letter That Will Get You an Internship
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 13 April, 2022

If you're a graduating student looking to jumpstart your career, an internship would be a good option to pursue. The learning experience that it provides goes beyond the classroom, and it can help boost your resume, too. To land that dream internship, you need to submit an impressive cover letter.

A cover letter serves as a supplement to your resume, especially if you barely have any experience, to begin with. It introduces you to your prospective employer and explains how you are a great fit for the role by filling in the gaps in your CV.

Here's how you can write a cover letter tailored for internships.

Write with the company in mind

While we can offer you a template for a cover letter, you can't use the same letter for every internship application you submit to. Cover letters help build a connection between you and the organization, which means showing them that you know what they're about.  Â

Read up on office culture, recent news about the company, or even the company's industry. All these can be great talking points in your cover letter and shows the employer that you are interested. For example, if you find out that the company supports a local children's charity, you can tell them about the time you helped plan a children's benefit for your school organization.

Tell them why you're applying for their internship

This is the heart of your cover letter. Why are you applying in the first place? Tell them what it is about their company that draws you in. If you're an IT major looking into one of the fastest-rising tech startups in the country, feel free to geek out about their achievements and why you want to be part of it.

You can also talk about their vision, mission or values, and explain how that resonates with your own set of values. This is yet another way of showing the employer how interested you are in joining their organization.

Mention relevant projects, academic achievements and extracurricular activities

Look back at your academic career. What have you done that would be relevant to the role you're applying for? Did you get to participate in projects that might be similar to the work you'll be doing as an intern? For example, if you're applying to a retail company, you can discuss your business class projects that honed your sales skills. Bonus points if you got high marks in these subjects, too.

Extracurriculars can be very helpful, too. Activities like volunteer work, being part of sports teams or being active in the student council can show strong interpersonal skills that will prove crucial once you join the workforce.

Follow the correct format

The cover letter should be in basic business format. Make sure to include the name and designation of the recruitment officer that you are getting in touch with. Avoid addressing them as "To Whom It May Concern" or "Dear Sir/Ma'am" in your letter, as this sounds like you didn't bother to tailor your greeting properly. If you can't find their names, try using "Dear Hiring Manager" or "Dear Recruitment Department," instead.

Don't forget to proofread

Remember, this cover letter serves as your first impression with the company. Typos and grammatical errors are sloppy and will make them think you're not taking this application seriously. If you have a mentor or a friend with excellent writing skills, send them a draft of your letter and ask them to go over it for you. Every bit of help, helps.

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