6 Helpful Habits That Will Grow Your Career

6 Helpful Habits That Will Grow Your Career
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 13 April, 2022

Have you ever felt stuck in your career? Are you going through a quarter life crisis and rethinking your big life decisions"”especially those that led you to the industry you are in now?

A stagnant career can be incredibly frustrating, simply because humans are creatures of progress. You are not meant to live in an endless cycle of predictable routines that lead you nowhere. This said, whether you are employed or in between jobs, it is definitely reasonable for you to seek for growth. The good news? Career growth is not as distant as you think it is. With the following helpful habits, you can definitely boost your professional life.

1. Know yourself

Getting to know yourself more is the first step for any kind of growth. The reason is obvious: You will bloom when you are in the right kind of environment for you, doing the things you are meant to be doing. If you do not know what you want or where you are skilled at, you will have a challenging time figuring out what your priorities should be. Having some self-awareness helps you figure out your long-term career mission. This will prevent you from not knowing where you are headed.

Knowing yourself also helps you with your growth as an employee. When it comes to productivity, there is no one-size-fits-all method. Maybe you feel stuck at work because you are not enjoying your job. Or, maybe you are having a hard time doing your tasks because your boss does not understand your work style. Maybe you are forcing yourself to be a to-do list kind of person. You do not have to impose generic productivity hacks on yourself when they do not work for you. Focus on how you stay disciplined and you will find yourself growing in your career in no time.

2. Plan and review goals

Once you know yourself enough, set some personal and professional goals that motivate you to strive harder each day. Have your career mission as your long-term goal. Added to this, set short-term goals every year, quarter, and month too. Some long-term goals are too overwhelming, so it would help you to focus on your short-term goals that will eventually lead you to your long-term goals.

To keep you moving, monitor your progress, too. Are you inching forward towards your goals? Have you stayed motivated? Do you still find your goals relevant and believe they will make you into a better career person? Self-assessment is key to developing your strengths and managing your weaknesses.

3. Be a connector

You have probably heard this before, but in case you have to be reminded again: Networking is essential"”regardless of your industry! Surround yourself with people who inspire you and push you to reach for more. You will be surprised how much you can learn from other professionals. With them you can exchange ideas, collaborate for projects, or even find more job opportunities.

Do not just settle for swapping calling cards with another person. Build deeper relationships with professionals if you see that you will improve in their company. Of course, remember to return the favour. Whenever possible and applicable, connect them with other people as well.

4. Actively seek opportunities

When your boss asks help for something, initiate. A promotion may not come as easy and fast as you want it to be, but you can always find ways to grow"”even without the change of title. If you feel like you are getting too comfortable in your job, step up. Ask for opportunities to learn more.

Another way to seek opportunities is to solve the problems you see in your workplace before you even complain to your boss. Train yourself to be an active participant in your office. This will more likely drive a sense of fulfillment in you. Even if you are not in the position to solve a problem, it will be helpful for you to think of solutions. Think of this habit as a practice for your problem solving skills. Having good problem solving skills will come in handy, not only in your current job, but also as you progress to higher positions.

5. Take risks, maybe fail

Maybe you are in a career plateau because you are not taking enough risks. Boldness is always a key part of growth"”as long as it is accompanied by proper discernment. Do not be threatened by calculated risks. If you fail, soldier on with life. Anyway, it is in the process"”more than in the results"”that you truly learn. Just remember to do your best. When you succeed, then good for you! You will find yourself in a new career high and you will become motivated to take even more risks. When you fail, assess your roadblocks and ask for advice from people who can mentor you. Either way, you will find yourself outside your comfort zone"”headed towards growth.

6. Prioritize rest and recreation

Prevent burning out and establish a time management routine that works for you so that you can balance work and rest. For many people, a 15-minute quiet time at the start of their day works wonders. Others would rather journal at night to keep themselves sane. Again, this is all up to you"”as long as you practice seeing rest as an essential part of your everyday life. Needless to say, when you keep yourself well-rested, you are taking care of your health. When you are healthy, you are more productive.

Aside from this, it is also important to find your identity outside of work. Having a job does not mean you have to forget the other things you are passionate about. Developing your skills and interests actually grow your personal brand, which is also helpful in the workforce.

There are several ways to grow your career, but the aforementioned habits are especially important for you to thrive in your industry. Note them down and practice them as often as you can. You will find yourself growing in your career in no time.

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