Snag Your Dream Job This 2023 by Finding Your Career Through Astrology!

Snag Your Dream Job This 2023 by Finding Your Career Through Astrology!
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 13 December, 2022

Whether or not you believe in astrology, you must admit that it's an exciting way to look into your future. If you're open to finding a career through astrology, read your possible professional paths based on the Chinese Zodiac, a 12-year cycle in which each year is related to an animal sign.

To learn what your animal sign is, here's a quick guide:

We've put together this easy-to-follow career astrology guide that provides fun insights into your professional life.

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Career Path for the Rat

Personality traits: quick-thinking, versatile, inventive, charming,

Possible career in: law, artist, banking & finance, public relations, media & advertising

Suited for: highly active jobs, wherein increased effort translates to greater rewards. A career in sales or artistic endeavors works for the Rat because these challenge them to think fast on their feet.

Not for: jobs that isolate them from others since the Rat thrives in social settings.

Works best with: Ox and Dragon

Should avoid: Horse

What to expect in 2023: business and career growth. This year finds you expanding your network and boosting your business and professional life. Planning to shift careers? It's an excellent time to self-evaluate and face new challenges that take you to greater heights.

Career Path for the Ox

Personality traits: hard-working, quiet yet dependable, honest, diligent,

Possible career in: medicine, education, publishing, journalism, social services

Suited for: jobs that require strong organizational skills. The Ox prefer structure and method, so they don't mind routine work.

Not for: highly-technical roles or work that requires travel. The Ox like to consider all options before making a decision.

Works best with: Snake and Rooster

Should avoid: Sheep

What to expect in 2023: professional progress. Give your best in the workplace to gain recognition from your boss and co-workers. You can work on crucial projects by proving your worth. If you find things difficult, keep going and ask for help from your superiors.

Career Path for the Tiger

Personality traits: confident, unpredictable, a good leader, passionate

Possible career in: law enforcement, sales, event planning, human resources, politics

Suited for: challenging work environments. Tigers are all about intense action and afterward, quiet reflection. They have a heightened sense of justice and a strong preference for control.

Not for: customer service jobs and other roles that require patience. The Tiger takes offense quickly, prone to bursts of temper.

Works best with: Horse and Dog

Should avoid: Monkey

What to expect in 2023: your efforts will pay off this year. Develop your self-confidence and be decisive to achieve positive results.

Career Path for the Rabbit

Personality traits: sensitive, considerate, strong-willed, compassionate, even-tempered

Possible career in: music, travel, literature, fine arts, graphic design

Suited for: relaxed settings that let them interact with colleagues. Rabbits may succeed in roles that require care and keen observation. They make for excellent consultants, quality inspectors, and artists.

Not for: high-competitive jobs like sales, business, and politics.

Works best with: Sheep and Boar

Should avoid: Rooster

What to expect in 2023: a professional slump. Sadly, this year holds many challenges to your career, so expect a not-so-smooth journey toward your job goals. But the good news is that there will always be people who will get you through a rough patch.

Career Path for the Dragon

Personality traits: confident, passionate, intelligent, ambitious, innovative

Possible career in: television, marketing, public relations, architecture, education

Suited for: jobs that offer flexibility. Dragons are adaptable and language experts, making them perfect for communication and business fields.

Not for: work that doesn't challenge them mentally and intellectually. This includes jobs that involve manual labor and mechanical employment.

Works best with: Rat and Monkey

Should avoid: Dog

What to expect in 2023: better career advancement. Your seniors and co-workers will recognize your efforts, possibly earning you a promotion. Further develop your leadership and collaboration skills, which will open up more professional opportunities.

Career Path for the Snake

Personality traits: intelligent, intuitive, decisive, often skeptical, easily bored

Possible career in: technology, medicine, psychology, education

Suited for: jobs that let their individuality shine. Snakes often like to work alone but are also good managers, able to assess issues and resolve them. They can be great artists, entrepreneurs, and teachers—professionals requiring mental work and creative thinking.

Not for: work that requires them to be one of the crowd. Snakes don't do well when working with a team, and they'd rather follow their own path than be influenced by others.

Works best with: Ox and Rooster

Should avoid: Boar

What to expect in 2023: workplace challenges. Expect some competition from power-hungry colleagues. Still, it's best to avoid conflict and people against you. Persevere and you will succeed.

Career Path for the Horse

Personality traits: energetic, impulsive, team-oriented, adventurous

Possible career in: sports, politics, law enforcement, logistics

Suited for: jobs that require frequent communication. Though the Horse can get competitive, they are always a good sport. They love sports, outdoor activities, and animals.

Not for: monotonous work. Horses love freedom and variety.

Works best with: Tiger and Dog

Should avoid: Rat

What to expect in 2023: work challenges. Pay extra attention to your daily duties, so your workmates won't have a reason to bring you down. Do things carefully to maximize the fruits of your labor.

Career Path for the Sheep

Personality traits: artistic, calm, generous, sensitive

Possible career in: information & communications technology, applied sciences, art & design

Suited for: quiet and stable work environments. The Sheep are ideal artists, educators, writers, and medical professionals.

Not for: jobs that involve public speaking. The Sheep generally like to keep to themselves, so civil service may not work for them.

Works best with: Rabbit & Boar

Should avoid: Ox

What to expect in 2023: good career growth. Along with advancement, you will also secure your finances. Develop your leadership skills to impress management further.

Career Path for the Monkey

Personality traits: intellectual, quick-witted, curious, playful

Possible career in: media, engineering, sales & marketing

Suited for: fast-paced work. Monkeys are energetic and flourish in high-energy careers. They can be actors, journalists, and athletes.

Not for: work that requires patience. The Monkey gets bored when things are moving too slow.

Works best with: Rat & Dragon

Should avoid: Tiger

What to expect in 2023: a revitalized career. The past year may not have been kind to you, but things are looking up now. Focus on growing your career and reaching your targets.

Career Path for the Rooster

Personality traits: motivated, honest, meticulous, hard-working

Possible career in: film & entertainment, management, customer service

Suited for: social careers. They easily match the energy of their colleagues and have high regard for their jobs.

Not for: anonymous work. Roosters are a proud breed, choosing roles that show off their skills and let them reach lofty goals.

Works best with: Ox & Snake

Should avoid: Rabbit

What to expect in 2023: conditions not favorable to a career change. If you want to shift gears, it's best to wait until next year. In the meantime, be a team player and learn new skills to boost your career.

Career Path for the Dog

Personality traits: loyal, likable, kind, practical

Possible career in: healthcare, hospitality management, food service

Suited for: project-oriented jobs. Dogs work well in a team and can be resourceful when facing challenges.

Not for: customer-facing roles since the Dog can be brutally honest.

Works best with: Tiger & Horse

Should avoid: Dragon

What to expect in 2023: good business. While entrepreneurs will thrive, employees under this zodiac sign may struggle with their superiors.

Career Path for the Pig

Personality traits: diligent, sincere, thoughtful, detail-oriented

Possible career in: advertising, animal care, retail, food & beverage

Suited for: creative expression. Pigs also tend to be organized, making them perfect researchers and business owners.

Not for: highly competitive industries because Pigs like staying in their comfort zone.

Works best with: Rabbit & Sheep

Should avoid: Snake

What to expect in 2023: possible career progression. However, think twice about making a career change this year.

Remember that these forecasts are just suggestions! The information provided by this guide should encourage you to find out the facts for yourself and act of your free will.

Soak in the good energy of a new job!

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