Career Switch with Your Niche Role: Still Possible?

Career Switch with Your Niche Role: Still Possible?
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 07 July, 2022

"I’m stuck in a rut."

"I feel undervalued."

"I’ve become uninterested and unchallenged."

"I need a new environment."

If you feel any of these with your current professional life, you're not alone. Change is the most constant thing in life, and careers are no exception. During the pandemic, there was a 176 percent increase in voluntary resignation across all industries in the Philippines. Many employees are choosing to reshape their careers.

However, shifting careers may pose an extra challenge if you come from a specialized background or education—also called a niche role. A niche role is a job that requires specific skill sets, depending on the company. Medical professionals, multilingual employees, and accountants, for example.

You may already be in the middle of your career or have spent years in college studying for your degree. The thought of shifting careers after all that time and effort can feel daunting.

Why consider changing your career path when you come from niche roles?

When you come from a specialized role, there’s a misconception that you must stick to it for the rest of your career. But needs and priorities change over time, as the pandemic experience has proven. Work-life balance, salary cuts, mental health concerns are just some of the many factors that have led to workers leaving their jobs.

Fortunately, many companies now offer diverse training and opportunities for job applicants with niche careers and educational backgrounds.

TTEC leads the way for niche background employment opportunities

Take TTEC, one of the country's top employers, as an example. One of the best things about TTEC is that they debunk the notion that BPO employment opportunities are for agents only. In fact, working with companies like them that give you opportunities to grow beyond your current skill set is a must. In an unpredictable world, you’ll never go wrong with upskilling and looking for an environment of continuous learning.

During the past three years, TTEC has continuously expanded its services to industries requiring specific qualifications. Because of this, various opportunities targeted to specialized roles have opened to niche talents with distinct skills. Examples of these include jobseekers who are PHRN or USRN license holders, multilingual speakers and have financial backgrounds.

Looking for healthcare openings

If you’re an applicant with a USRN license or come from any allied medical position, you may be qualified to apply for healthcare job openings. Curious about what a typical day looks like while on the job? You’ll handle secondary review of medications, as well as review documentation and interpret data obtained from clinical records. This type of opportunity comes with higher pay (as high as PHP150,000 sign-on bonuses!) and permanent remote work.

Finding Multilingual jobs

If you’re a native or non-native multilingual (i.e. Chinese, Korean), employment opportunities with good compensation packages are also available in TTEC. No matter what age, you can create a meaningful and stable career as a bilingual agent.

Searching for Finance-related opportunities

Finally, if you have a finance background, TTEC offers excellent finance roles that will diversify your professional experience, connect you with a global set of clients, and grow your career with the help of a supportive community. Financial forecasting, planning and strategy, accounting, analysis, and auditing are some of the key parts to TTEC's ongoing success with internal and external clients.

BPO roles have transformed dramatically throughout the years. Many positions are versatile enough to welcome the entry of professionals at the start and in the middle of their careers. As a top employer, TTEC boasts of a solid foundation of recruitment practices that embraces equality and fair treatment.

Joining a company like TTEC will not only help you achieve your professional dreams. They can also help you continue practicing your niche career or unique set of skills while making that "job switch" you're craving for.

Convinced to make a switch? Now make your game plan.

strategize how you can make your career shift as seamless as possible.

1. Reflect on the reasons why you want to change your career.

Be level-headed with the reasons why you want to shift. Perhaps your goals have changed—wanting a higher salary, more flexible hours, or better career growth.

2. Be prepared for road bumps.

Change will always have some level of discomfort. Surround yourself with a supportive group that will keep you positive throughout the process.

3. Research, research, research.

Look for jobs where your skills are a good fit. Read up on job descriptions to grasp what recruiters are looking for. Pick a quality company with a sterling reputation for hiring practices and culture.

As the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Joining a top employer like TTEC will help you pursue your niche passion while ensuring a stable and worthwhile career to help you reach your goals and care for your loved ones during unpredictable times.

Begin your career journey with TTEC today!

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