Nurturing Future Leaders in the Workplace

Nurturing Future Leaders in the Workplace
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 21 September, 2022

Undeniably, the outsourcing industry is a rewarding experience, but it could also be tough. It’s driven by changing client demands—as a result, the industry is known to be fast-paced and competitive. This dynamic climate may create a job market with a high turnover rate.

TTEC aims to help employees with their career development within a training-focused and supportive workplace culture. Through programs like BUILD (upskilling through developmental leadership programs) and TTEC Talent (skill development), investment in their people is prioritized so these employees can excel, develop, and stay with the company longer than ever.

Trends such as the Great Resignation or the Great Reshuffle tell us that we live in a world where people are more prone to changing jobs.

It makes sense that employees will stay with a company longer if they feel valued, challenged, and nurtured at work. Otherwise, they will look for a better space with more development opportunities. But how do we create an environment where all these things occur?

Many companies promote talents internally, but unfortunately not all provide the adequate support they need to do well in their new role. For example, leadership is always touted as a “vital” skill, but not all managers are considered skilled leaders.

There is no one-size fits all approach when it comes to making leaders. Still, leadership development starts with finding an individual’s intrinsic set of skills and a dynamic platform and system that can magnify those and help them find development opportunities.

TTEC invests in employees at all stages of their careers through robust career development programs

TTEC’s BUILD program helps employees grow as leaders by providing them with the resources and support they need to succeed in today’s challenging business environment. It is designed to create a rich roster of potential future leaders. TTEC Build features a systematic process of identifying, assessing, and developing high-potential candidates to fill key leadership positions for their present and future operational and organizational needs by supporting their career development plans.

TTEC enables employees to learn, develop, and apply leadership and management skills that will become valuable assets to their personal careers and to the company. For many employees who want to rise within the company, TTEC Build presents the perfect opportunity to do just that. The program guides employees in their professional development goals by providing avenues to learn what kind of leadership roles are available based on their skill set and the company’s organizational structure.

According to TTEC employees, TTEC’s Build program enables them to experience the following:

  1. Motivation to upskill their career and aim higher.
  2. Confidence with capabilities to handle a team.
  3. Enhancement of leadership skills, no matter what kind of style.
  4. Meeting and learning from colleagues all over the world.

Meanwhile, TTEC Talent is the premier example of how a company uses technology to support the overall human experience at TTEC. It unifies TTEC’s former learning tool systems to create an engaging yet meaningful experience for their employees—the heroes that drive success at TTEC!

This management platform allows employees and managers to work together and manage their learning, performance, and professional development goals. Anyone can browse a wide array of courses spanning multiple relevant topics: including business and leadership courses, human resource trainings, and company culture and values. Employees can even add their professional development goals, update accomplishments, and map out their desired career path—even download and print their own diplomas!

This is just an example of how TTEC works and cares for the employees and finds more ways for development opportunities, which is very much aligned to their investment in their own people’s success.

With TTEC Build and TTEC Talent, the commitment to developing new leaders and making their chosen career track a long-term option is a reality.

TTEC believes that investing in employees is essential for success. It’s crucial for employees to feel valued and involved--a key part of the company’s long-term goals. Therefore, leadership development is a win-win strategy. The most successful companies develop strong leaders within their existing people, allowing them to grow and achieve greater career success.

Employees are not just a resource but are a company’s greatest asset and source of strength. There’s no better way to let people know how much they are valued than preparing them for the next great step of their career: leadership.

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