Free resignation letter template

Free resignation letter template
JobStreet content teamupdated on 04 October, 2022
A resignation letter lets your employer know you’re leaving your role. Written in the right way, it can also show your gratitude and help you depart on a positive note.
When it’s time to write yours, make your life easier by downloading our resignation letter template. It's an easy-to-read outline that includes an example letter written in a positive, professional and respectful tone.

Notify your employer in three simple steps:

  1. Before writing your resignation letter, it’s a good idea to meet with your manager to give verbal notice of your resignation.
  2. Download our free resignation letter template and personalize it with your contact information, company and the date.
  3. When you’ve finished adding your information, we recommend reviewing your resignation letter before providing your employer with a copy (and keeping a copy for yourself).
Download a free resignation letter template
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What should you include in your resignation letter?

While a resignation letter is an official document, it doesn’t need to be long or complicated.
The most important inclusion is your notice of resignation and last date of employment. This will help your employer plan your departure and handover your responsibilities.
It’s also a good idea to recognize the opportunity your employer has given you. While the template includes an example letter, you might like to personalize it by mentioning specific people or experiences you’re thankful for.
In addition, offering support during the transition period can help maintain a positive relationship with your employer in your final weeks and beyond.

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