Want To Get Hired? Follow These Sample Resume Formats For Fresh Graduates

Want To Get Hired? Follow These Sample Resume Formats For Fresh Graduates
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 25 May, 2022

Modern-day job application challenges aside, the Philippines has seen one of its lowest unemployment rates in recent years. Indeed, this means that more opportunities are becoming available to jobseekers from a wide variety of industries. But for jobseekers fresh out of college, it also means stepping up your game to make sure you get the best chance of getting hired… even with little to no professional experience!

To do that, you will want a resume that’s well-written, organized, and visually appealing. After all, these documents are your first chance of showing employers what kind of employee you will be for their company. In that regard, it’s safe to say that it’s probably one of the most crucial parts of your jobseeking journey. Hence, using a good sample resume format for fresh graduates can draw the line between you getting hired or not on your first try.

Best resume sample and format ideas

With tons of resume samples and formats out there, it can be hard to figure out the best one that can make your profile stand out. To help you make the best first impression in your job application, we’ve put together a few sample resume formats for fresh graduates with no experience. What’s more, they come in a downloadable format to make it easier for you to create your own resume!

Sample Resume 1

Resume Writing Tip: Bullets are a great way to make your resume more reader-friendly. Only, be sure to use them consistently and when truly necessary. In the format above, information such as technical skills and achievements are bulleted. This is because they only need a quick read-through. Meanwhile, those requiring explanation, such as career objectives and pre-professional experience, are not.

Sample Resume 2

Resume writing tip: As they say, simplicity is key. This is especially true when you want employers to go straight to relevant information about yourself, without being distracted by loud colors and fancy font styles. If you must stay away from making your one-page resume “too boring”, adding bold lines to separate sections already helps make it more visually interesting.

For more creative resume ideas, visit Career Tools. It also has its own CV maker and interview practice tool to accompany your jobseeking experience!

Sample Resume 3

Resume writing tip: One-page resumes should include key details in your educational, personal, and professional background. Even then, some pieces of information need further highlighting, like your name, university degree, and previous work title, if any. For these, you can use bold and italicized text so they easily catch one’s attention. You can also italicize the description of your pre-professional experience.

Sample Resume 4

Resume writing tip: Using too many colors can be very distracting, while using a single, neutral one can appear dull at times. You can find the balance by using a single theme of color such as in the example above, wherein different shades of blue are used. You will then have a resume that’s both professional-looking while still showing a bit of your creativity. Hence, making you memorable.

Sample Resume 5

Resume writing tip: Another common trend in resume formats that doesn’t disappoint is segmenting information into boxes. This is a good way to keep readers occupied in reviewing your information without boring them with traditional linear resume formats. Match this style with an ample amount of colors to make the resume more fun. For easy profiling, you can even directly add your background under your name.

Note that the above sample resumes are only available as a reference and all information is entirely fictional.

What is the best sample resume format for fresh graduates?

Now comes the question most fresh graduates are itching to get an answer to: Is there a single “best” resume format to use?

As always, it depends on quite a few factors, among them being the nature of the industry you are trying to get into, the company you’re applying in, and the job you’re vying for. For example, if you’re in creatives, you can make your resume even more playful by adding more elements and colors. Regardless, one-page sample resume formats are almost always ideal.

See more sample resume templates for fresh graduates on JobStreet’s Career Tools. Aside from resume writing, you can also practice making a cover letter, work on your interview skills, and even compute salaries using a salary calculator. Visit Career Resources Hub for more expert jobseeking tips too!

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