Can Extroverted Roles Be The Best Jobs For Introverts? Yes. Let's Find Out Why!

Can Extroverted Roles Be The Best Jobs For Introverts? Yes. Let's Find Out Why!
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 17 March, 2023

Part of what makes our work much easier to navigate is identifying our colleagues' and supervisors' personalities. The bigger secret here is to be able to workwithandaroundthose personalities, especially when dealing with the more difficult ones. The Myers-Briggs test boxes us into extroversion and introversion, which differ based on interactions.

Extroverts tend to be more outgoing by nature, while introverts prefer to work with themselves. But did you know that the best jobs for introverts include the more extroverted ones too? It may seem easier to define people based on how shy or how friendly they are. But the truth is, humans are simply not black-and-white concepts. We are wildly complicated as it is, our personhood too layered to be limited to a single word.

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So whether you are introverted or dealing with an introverted colleague, you can definitely find guaranteed success in roles designed for more extroverted personalities. How, you ask? We explore that, but first, we take a deeper dive into how introverts can take advantage of such using their built-in set of skills.

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How can introverts take on extroverted jobs?

If you think about it, success boils down to the amount of skills you have and the drive to work really hard at what you do. It does not matter if you are introverted or extroverted – as long as you put in the effort, it will pay off. That being said, there are certain skills that introverts innately have that they can use to their benefit.

While this is not to say that one personality is less qualified than the other, here are some noteworthy ones that introverts can tap into.

1. Empathy

Introverts carry a more look-within personality, since they spend most of their time in their own world. This is not a negative thing because keeping to oneself or at least to one’s close circle of friends brings about self-awareness. In connection to that, this trait is brought forth.

Empathy is the ability to connect with someone on a more personal level, to establish a rapport through listening and embracing who they are. Introverts who are empaths can sense what is going on with their colleagues, whether good or bad. This trait can help especially if you are working with different kinds of people everyday.

2. Attention to detail

The difference between most extroverts and introverts lies in the details. Most extroverts are usually big-picture visionaries, where their perspective is the big goal itself. Most introverts, on the other hand, are about the little details that make up the said successful goal. Think of it like building blocks that turn into a skyscraper. Introverts work with the broken-down steps to get to the finish line.

With that said, big pictures tend to have the little details placed on the back burner. While it is advised never to sweat the small stuff, sometimes these “small stuff” can make or break an achievement of a certain goal.

3. Focus

Again, this is not to generalize that all extroverts are like this. But most extroverts tend to prioritize socializing to get their way, and would – in retrospect – require a team to get the work done. Introverts are usually self-focused individuals, meaning they get their drive whether people are around or not.

Focus helps introverts spread out and do other tasks at a time, making them acquire several responsibilities on top of their main scope of work.

5 jobs for introverted people

Now that you have gotten a sense of what introverts can bring to the table, here are some job paths they can pursue to apply those. Plus, we highlight the skill set or characteristic of an introvert that you can attune to (or at least be aware of).

1. Sales

Introvert skill: Empathy

Now you may think that the world of sales is more an extrovert’s field. Think of someone in a telemarketing job, speaking until they finally make a sale. But the biggest secret to landing a sale is not how you talk, butwhatyou talk about. In this case, we encourage people to buy products because theyneedorwantthem.

With the way introverts empathize, it is no surprise that they can score sale after sale. Their attunement to people’s emotions helps them become aware of what a customer wants or needs. Sometimes, they can achieve this from the comforts of home, or in a remote place.

Search for the right Sales jobs for you.

2. Law

Introvert skill:Detail-oriented

This may seem like another talkie kind of job, but bringing justice to the table requires a  meticulous plan to achieve this. The beauty of an introvert’s planning is its intricacy, the focus on details is very precise and can be to a tee too. In fields like criminal law, you always have to be one step ahead.

Analysis can be an added bonus here, especially if you need to calculate your next move. This can be in court or in the office, settling an issue between two parties.

Here are some opportunities to consider in the legal field.

3. Public Speaking

Introvert skill: Reflectiveness

This can be daunting at first, especially for introverts. Speak? In public? Two things that are repellent to this personality. But public speaking lies in the ability of a person to look inward, which is exactly what introverts do on a daily basis. It is basically like second nature to them.

Combining their detail-oriented philosophy, their reflectiveness can be of great help to succeed in this field. It involves reaching within and compiling all the lessons good enough to pass on to others.

Here are some jobs that require public speaking skills.

4. Police Officer

Introvert skill: Analytical

While interacting or socializing may be a pain especially if you have to talk to involved parties, introverts can put their analytical skills to good use. After all, solving the crime begins with a hypothesis. What do you do with said hypothesis? Break it down until you get to the bottom of the mystery.

There is a great deal of analytical skill that can help solve crime. It does not only involve digging through details, but piecing together a puzzle of a story.

These other roles require high levels of investigative skill.

5. Social media

Introvert skill: Creativity

This may sound ironic, but an introvert can clearly thrive on social media. Why? Influencers and content creators can now build their empire from the comfort of their own home. They are basically speaking to a camera, and their audience only appears when they upload something.

On top of that, their creativity can surely be unleashed. Making travel videos, recipe videos, and other types of content can be avenues they can explore. It is a job that is deeply rooted in a specific passion and can spread far and wide.

Click here for opportunities in social media.

The biggest tip to be able to work with introverts or as an introverted professional is to be able to welcome and try new things. Yes, we should be able to adjust or acclimatize to personalities, but part of learning and growth is embracing change. This may include trying out a new job or studying a new skill set.

Whatever the reason, change can always help an introvert grow or the relationships with your introverted colleagues to flourish further. After all, there is always magic in the stuff that is called togetherness.

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