The top 3 items newbie jobseekers should include in their Profiles

The top 3 items newbie jobseekers should include in their Profiles
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 13 April, 2022

It's been weeks since your graduation -  how's your job search going so far? Acing your interview will help you clinch the job, but first you need a well-written profile to ensure hirers will give your credentials a second glance.

Fresh graduates and newbie job seekers lacking the necessary work experience need a good profile to level the playing field.  At most, a page or two would work as long as you're able to cover the basics and answer the question that's in every employer's mind "“ "are you the perfect fit?"

The Top 3 Items Newbie Job Seekers Should Include in their Profiles - educational background

Make sure you include the degree you received from your university/college because as a fresh graduate, your tertiary education "” including your grade point average (GPA) or equivalent "” is crucial in helping your profile shine.

Let your profile shine brighter by also including past (and real) awards on your profile. Hirers will always look for proof that a job applicant is driven or talented, and bagging different kinds of awards in the past shows a competitive and passionate spirit.

The Top 3 Items Newbie Job Seekers Should Include in their Profiles - Qualifications

Remember to use proper nouns when writing down your qualifications.  Focus on certifications, software, apps, or anything that can add value to your profile.  It's also a good idea to filter qualifications that directly relate to the job you're applying for, so if you're after an IT or computer-related job posting, highlight how proficient you are with computers and its components (software/hardware).

It's also a good idea to filter your skill sets based on the level of proficiency.  Use labels such as   "Beginner," "Intermediate" or "Advanced" and add a skill or two that describes your level of expertise.  For example, a Computer Science graduate can identify his basic knowledge of computer language and capability of using codes found online as a "Beginner" skill. If he has reached a level of expertise where he is able to teach the language to someone else or he is able to write a better version of the code, the skill can then be considered "Advanced" and of course "Intermediate" is somewhere in between.

The Top 3 Items Newbie Job Seekers Should Include in their Profiles - experience

As a fresh graduate, your "job experience" may not be as diverse as compared to somebody who has already worked for a year or two. This is where your on-the-job training or internship hours come in.  Talk about the skills and the experience you gained as a trainee but focus on those that relate directly to the position you are applying for.  If you were recognized as the company's top trainee, make sure to mention that as part of your on-the-job experience.

You can also count as job experience your activities and contributions to your college organizations, and even your non-school activities, such as the time you spent doing volunteer work, part-time jobs, or leadership experiences in your community or church.

As a final piece of advice, make sure you read and understand the job description before writing and submitting your profile so you can zero-in on specific skills and work experience that match the job posting.

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