Why it's important to update your Jobstreet.com Profile regularly

Why it's important to update your Jobstreet.com Profile regularly
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 13 April, 2022

When was the last time you updated your JobStreet.com profile? One of the most common mistakes is to only update your profile when you're actively on the lookout for a new job. There are several downsides to this: First of all, it takes a lot more effort to update your profile if the last update was from a few years ago, compared to a profile that's updated every few months. Secondly, a profile that's not been updated for years will look outdated in terms of the language used and come across as stagnant.

You never know when an interesting career opportunity might come up, and you want to be as prepared as possible if and when that day arrives. Imagine your dream employer browsing candidate profiles on JobStreet.com and passing yours over because it came across as obsolete and portrayed you as a complacent candidate.

To make it even easier and quicker for you to update your JobStreet.com profile, our interactive mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Download it if you haven't done so already, and you can get your profile updated in minutes.

Still not convinced? Here are five key reasons to update your JobStreet.com profile on a regular basis:

1. To highlight your most recent achievements

It's advisable to replace outdated achievements with your most recent and noteworthy ones. Your profile should always show off your most impressive side to help you stand out from the crowd. It could be a case of managing a challenging customer complaint, winning an industry award, or managing an important project that delivered measurable results.

2. To document your latest professional qualifications

It's easy to lose track of one's qualifications and number of training courses attended over the years. Documenting them in your JobStreet.com profile ensures that you have an updated record of your latest professional skills and also shows potential employers how actively you pursue career development opportunities.

3. To show steady progression in your career growth

Promotions and/or inter-company transfers should also be reflected in your JobStreet.com profile to show employers that you're a candidate with the potential and drive to take on greater responsibilities and challenges. Whether horizontal transfers or vertical promotions, career growth in either direction shows positive progress and trumps no movement at all.

4. To target employers in your current vicinity

In cases of relocation to a different city, state or country, it is imperative to reflect your current geographical location in your JobStreet.com profile so employers don't spend time considering a candidate who's no longer living in the area. Don't put off recruiters with inaccurate information.

5. To ensure relevance and accuracy of your profile

Besides the above, you should also update your JobStreet.com profile if you've switched career paths or joined a different industry in the last couple of months. It might affect a potential employer's assessment of your suitability for the role they're recruiting for. Ensuring relevant and accurate information in your profile projects you in a positive light, which might make you memorable enough to catch the recruiter's eye. You never know where the next career opportunity might come from, so don't risk having obsolete information in your profile.

Don't procrastinate. Download our mobile app (if you haven't yet), and get your JobStreet.com profile updated within minutes. Alternatively, you can update your profile right away by clicking the button below. You never know who's looking.

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