BPI AIA Life Assurance Corporation

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Perks and benefits

Education support
Sports (e.g. Gym)
Group Life Insurance, Employee Share Purchase Plan

Why join us?

Achieve your life goals while helping others achieve theirs. Be part of a young, vibrant, and dynamic culture that promotes change, ensures progress, and inspires success.
Make Change Happen
Join us in our mission to help Filipinos achieve financial security and prosperity. Make a positive impact on the lives of millions of people by providing clients with the right financial solutions to protect themselves and their loved ones. Take pride in knowing that your work makes a genuine difference in the lives of others.
Experience Progress
We know and feel the importance of progress in every aspect. In response to your desire to excel, we make sure that you have the tools, knowledge, and training to help you succeed. We listen to your ideas and aspirations and strive to make these happen in real life, all this as part of a culture with no barriers to growth and where leaders are committed to engage and empower you as you take charge of your career.
Inspire Success
Our best examples of success are our own people. From those living out their dreams and fulfilling their desires, to those who have achieved their career goals and have become respected names in the industry, we see in them the results of our shared effort to grow and succeed as one team. Our efforts to inspire success in people never stop, from material rewards to means to achieve and sustain your success, we make sure that your experience only gets better as you move forward.