Application Letters for Fresh Graduates: See Two Samples That Work

Application Letters for Fresh Graduates: See Two Samples That Work
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 23 June, 2022

If you’re a fresh grad looking for a job, then you know very well the challenge of writing an application letter. Together with your resume, an application letter is one of the two main documents you need to finally get a job and join the workforce.

But with no job experience, what should you include? Read these sample application letters for fresh graduates, and use them as a starting point to write yours.

Application Letters: Some Basics

What’s the difference between an application letter and a cover letter?

A cover letter is literally a cover sheet for your resume: “Here is my resume, please consider me for XXX job.” An application letter is longer and more detailed, because it can be sent on its own, without a resume or a specific job in mind: “Hello, I am XXX, interested in a job at your company. Here are my qualifications.”

That’s in theory. Here in the Philippines though, the terms are interchangeable. In this article, your “application letter” is a one-pager that introduces your resume for a specific role. It describes your skills and markets your abilities. It’s your brief, formal way to introduce yourself – and make HR teams notice your resume and offer you an interview.

Why do I need an application letter, when the information is in my resume?

Your resume follows a strict format, including keywords that you’ve pulled from the job listing. In contrast, an application letter gives you some room to express yourself, and highlight why you’re different from all your batchmates applying for the same job.

Most important, a letter identifies the job you’re applying for. Have you ever seen a resume headlined “[NAME], HR Associate”?  No.

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Do resume scanning systems even read application letters?

Some job ads specify “No cover letter”, but this is rare. If the listing doesn’t mention a cover letter, or says “Cover letter optional”, then you should write one. As with your resume, you should use keywords from the job ad in your letter to raise your application’s place in the rankings.

Read about keywords and automated resume systems here: How to customize your resume and cover letter for any job

Once you’re ready to write your letter, use these samples to get started.

Application Letter Sample 1 (Hard Copy)

Use this format for a letter you will submit as a printed copy. Even if you applied online, always bring extra copies of your letter and resume to your interview. For emailed application letters, see Sample 2 below.

22 H Venture St.,Diliman, Quezon CityPhilippines

June 15, 2021

Mr. Vincent ChuaHiring ManagerBank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)12/F Ayala Life-FGU Center, Ayala Ave.Makati City 1226

Dear Mr. Chua,

I am writing to express my interest in the position of Recruitment Assistant in your company.

Having obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in [XXXX]  major in Human Resources in [XXX] University, I hope to bring my knowledge, skills, and commitment to excellence to BPI.

With my major in HR management, I am familiar with standard processes for recruitment, workforce organization, training, and compensation, as well as legal provisions and labor concerns.

My internship at San Miguel Corporation gave me the chance to work with top professionals in recruitment and HR. Being a trainee there developed my enthusiasm for human resources, and convinced me that HR management is my true calling.

For more details of my qualifications and expertise, please review my attached resume.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this application. I look forward to hearing from you.



Jessica Cenadoza(email address / phone number)

Application Letter Tip: When submitting a hard copy, always follow the business letter format. Your letter and resume do not need expensive paper or flowery words, but they do need to be error-free and professional. Use an online program to check grammar, spelling and punctuation. Before printing, proofread again, then ask a friend to do so too.

Application Letter Sample 2 (Email)

This application letter sample below is tailored for email. Note the subject line and the absence of mailing addresses.

Email Subject: Alvin Marfal, Marketing Associate Position[Keep your subject line brief and straightforward.]

Dear Ms. Castañeda,

I would like to apply for your company’s recently announced position of Marketing Associate.

I am a recent graduate of [XXX], major in Marketing, from [XXX] University. My studies there have given me the skills to develop marketing campaigns and drive strategies, especially through the efficient use of social media.

During my internship at XXX Corporation’s Marketing Department, I learned how companies decide what products to sell, how to reach target customers, and how to react to competition. I also had the opportunity to work with seasoned professionals. They taught me how marketing concepts apply outside the classroom, how to blend with a group’s culture, and strive for common goals despite setbacks.

Finally, through active involvement in academics and extracurriculars, I developed communication and leadership skills that make me a valued member of any marketing team.

I attach my resume for your consideration. Thank you for taking time to review my application. I look forward to your reply so that we can further discuss it.

Yours sincerely,

Alvin C. Marfal(email address / mobile number)

Application Letter Tip: Check your subject line before pressing “Send.” A typo error in your email subject won’t reflect positively on you – and could result in your mail being ignored by the resume software. Our email subject above follows the usual format (name, position). However, some recruiters require a specific subject line or number code. Check the job ad to be sure.

Include your contact details on the email signature, so the recruiter can respond to you immediately.

To create a cover letter that stands out, customize.

Finally, remember that these are just samples to help you get started. Templates are guide that you can certainly customize. You have to change the name, position and company anyway, and of course the content of the letter as befits the job you are eyeing.

So when you follow these formats,  take time to write simply and clearly about yourself. Skip the legalese (“Attached herewith”) and the cliches (“out of the box”, “passionate”). In addition, be specific (see Alvin’s three marketing skills above) and consider the norms of your industry. Finally, don’t forget to proofread!

Your letter should prove that you’ve done your homework, understand the job requirements, and are the best person for the role. For example, this witty sample application letter for a fresh graduate is great for a content manager, but not for a technical or administrative job.

Now that you can write a good application letter, don’t let your new skills go to waste. #LetsGetToWork by finding out which companies are looking for fresh grads like you.

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