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What's it like to be a Fashion Adviser?

Fashion Advisers help clients enhance their public image through their clothing and styling. To achieve this, they must assess the client's style and recommend outfits to improve it. Fashion Advisers must keep up with the latest style trends, allowing them to recommend clothing options that fit the client's budget and preferences. They may also style models and others appearing in advertisements or other media content. Overall, their job is to ensure clients look and feel their best while staying true to their style.

Tasks and duties

  • Providing personalized fashion advice to clients.
  • Staying up to date with the latest fashion trends.
  • Building solid relationships with clients, brands, designers, and models.
  • Providing exceptional customer service.
  • Assisting clients with choosing outfits and accessories that match their style and budget.
  • Managing inventory and ordering new products as needed.
  • Partnering with other team members to create a cohesive shopping experience for clients.

How to become a Fashion Adviser

SEEK Learning

Although having a specific educational background might not be necessary, it may be an advantage to have either fashion-related work experience or go to a fashion school. You should also possess strong interpersonal skills as you will deal directly with clients. Building strong relationships within the fashion industry may benefit your career advancement. 

  1. There is no minimum education requirement to be a Fashion Adviser, but it could be an advantage as you build your career. Apply to a fashion school or take up a fashion course at a university to learn the basics of fashion. 

  2. Keep up with current fashion trends to help you better understand how to create a specific image with clothing. 

  3. Consider growing your career to be a Fashion Stylist or Image Consultant. This will help you find your niche and attract clients needing assistance developing their brand. 

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Fashion Adviser jobs on JobStreet
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