IT Project Manager

Plan, manage, and oversee initiatives under a company’s IT department.
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What's it like to be an IT Project Manager?

IT Project Managers lead teams in the execution of IT-related tasks such as developing software, applications, or processes. They are typically based in an office environment, working closely with IT teams or stakeholders to plan or monitor activities. They are often in meetings to ensure projects are progressing well and to provide updates.

IT Project Manager

Tasks and duties

  • Communicating relevant information to IT departments and project team members.
  • Managing budgets.
  • Planning project timelines and strategic goals.
  • Monitoring projects from start to finish.
  • Leading meetings with IT teams and stakeholders.
  • Preparing reports for clients or higher management.

How to become an IT Project Manager

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To become an IT Project Manager, you need a combination of strong qualifications and relevant experience.

  1. Graduate with a bachelor degree in Business Management, Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems, or Information Technology.

  2. Consider taking up further education by getting a Master of Business Administration.

  3. Seek at least three years of field experience in an IT or project management role.

  4. Get certified in project management methodologies and frameworks such as Agile, CISSP, CompTIA Project+, Google Project Management, Kanban, Lean, PMP, Prince2, or Scrum.

  5. After gaining experience as an IT Project Manager, consider progressing to a role such as a Program Director, Business Architect, Enterprise Architect, or Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

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Top skills and experience requested in recent job ads

Pmp Certificate
Computer Science
Information Technology Projects
Project Management Software
Software Development Lifecycle
Scrum Methodology
Information Technology Project Management
Microsoft Project
Computer Software
Agile Methodologies
Team Leadership
Problem Solving
Atlassian Jira
Communication Skills
ITIL Framework
PHP Programming
Time Management
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Job opportunities

IT Project Manager jobs on JobStreet
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