Program Manager

Design, plan, and oversee the development and implementation of a program.
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What's it like to be a Program Manager?

Program Managers create programs that align with company goals. They are responsible for conceptualizing the program from its beginning to managing its processes and teams throughout the program's lifespan to its completion. Leadership, organization, decision-making and time management are key skills for the role. Program Managers work in finance, education, government, technology, healthcare, construction, and other industries.

Program Manager

Tasks and duties

  • Developing programs in line with company requirements and goals.
  • Creating plans for program implementation in line with budget and schedule.
  • Coordinating with concerned departments and third parties in the program development.
  • Managing team members and output quality.
  • Aligning with higher management on the program progress and expected outcomes.
  • Recording program performance and providing feedback for optimization.
  • Managing conflicts and mitigating risks.
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Program Managers are expected to deliver outcomes and provide a return in investment through an efficiently designed and executed program. They will be liaising with professionals from various departments and position levels and keep track of all components of the program for a smooth workflow.

How to become a Program Manager

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A bachelor degree, management experience, and expertise in the program field are required to work as a Program Manager. Postgraduate education and certifications in leadership or project management may be an advantage.

  1. Graduate with a bachelor degree in management, computer science, marketing, or another related field.

  2. Complete an internship at a recognized company in your chosen industry.

  3. Gain leadership experience by running for school office, volunteering at organizations, or starting a small business or passion project.

  4. Seek an entry-level position and experience in your chosen industry.

  5. Gain relevant certification, such as Certified Project Manager or Program Management Professional.

  6. Consider completing a Master in Business Administration (MBA).

  7. Pursue promotion to executive and directorial positions.

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Program Management
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Analytical Thinking
Microsoft Office
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Computer Science
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