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Oversee every aspect of a project.
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What's it like to be a Project Director?

Project Directors are the direct reports of a team of Project Managers assigned to various projects in a company. They set the standards for project quality, budget, and deadlines followed by all team members involved in the project. They are in charge of the bigger picture of simultaneous projects, foreseeing and mitigating risk, as well as predicting revenue. Leadership, critical thinking, and analytical skills are necessary to perform well in the role. Project Directors work in the technology, construction, and media industries.

Tasks and duties

  • Setting project goals and communicating them with project managers.
  • Creating project strategies and policies.
  • Keeping track of project progress and mitigating bottlenecks.
  • Mitigating risk by changing strategy in response to project developments.
  • Providing feedback on project manager presentations and reports.
  • Aligning with clients on project expectations.
  • Coordinating with key stakeholders on budget and time limits.

How to become a Project Director

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A bachelor degree and experience in project management are required to work as a Project Director. Postgraduate education may be an advantage.

  1. Graduate with a bachelor degree in management, information technology, business administration, or another related field.

  2. Complete an internship or management trainee program at a recognized company in your chosen industry.

  3. Gain leadership experience by running for school office, joining student organizations, applying to leadership programs, or starting a small business.

  4. Complete project management certification, such as Project Management Professional.

  5. Seek an entry-level job such as a Front-End Developer or Software Engineer.

  6. Pursue promotion to middle management positions such as Project Coordinator or Project Manager.

  7. Consider postgraduate education, such as a Master in Business Administration (MBA).

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Top skills and experience requested in recent job ads

Construction Management
Civil Construction
Program Management
Pmp Certificate
Microsoft Project
Communication Skills
Analytical Thinking
Microsoft Office
Computer Literacy
Time Management
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