Software Development Manager

Lead a Software Development team in designing, testing, and maintaining computer programs.
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What's it like to be a Software Development Manager?

A Software Development Manager is a senior leadership position for experienced Software Developers. They make sure that the software development team meets client needs in their creation of websites and applications. They ensure the success of a development project by managing all its business components, such as finances, clients, and marketing. Unlike a Project Manager who focuses on production, Software Development Managers focus on bringing a stellar software product or service to the clients who benefit from it. You will find them working in any industry that uses software, including corporate offices, tech companies, and IT consulting firms. 

Tasks and duties

  • Coordinating business goals and budgets with stakeholders and clients.
  • Analyzing customer experience and needs to supply the demand for new software.
  • Presenting proposals to generate new business.
  • Recruiting, training, and evaluating software developer teams.
  • Researching market gaps and benchmarking competitors.
  • Determining, sourcing, and testing developer tools for the team.
  • Managing project timelines and budgets.
  • Validating software architecture decisions.

How to become a Software Development Manager

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Software Developer Managers usually hold at least a bachelor degree. Software Development Managers typically have postgraduate education and extensive experience in software engineering and management. 

  1. Graduate with a bachelor degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Data Science, or another related field.

  2. Complete an internship in the IT department of a recognized company, tech startup, or IT consultancy.

  3. Gain experience by joining coding events, working on the tech team of your school organization, volunteering, and taking online courses and boot camps.

  4. Consider getting certifications such as Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Project Management Professional (PMP), or Software Engineering Master Certification (SEMC).

  5. Get an entry-level job in software development, such as Front-end Developer, Back-end Developer, Mobile Developer, or Full-stack Developer.

  6. Get promoted to higher positions such as Project Manager or Senior Engineer.

  7. Consider postgraduate education such as a Master in Computer Science or MBA in Information Systems.

  8. Aim to get promoted from a Software Development Manager to executive positions, such as Vice President of Engineering and Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

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Top skills and experience requested in recent job ads

C# Programming
Computer Science
Mobile App Development
Computer Software
Software Development Lifecycle
Relational Database
Cloud Technologies
JavaScript Programming
Design Pattern
Data Structures
PHP Programming
Application Management
Scrum Methodology
Solutions Architecture
User Acceptance Testing
Information Technology Solutions
Infrastructure Architecture
Enterprise Systems
Agile Development
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Job opportunities

Software Development Manager jobs on JobStreet
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