Get Any of These 10 E-Commerce Jobs for Career Growth Opportunities

Get Any of These 10 E-Commerce Jobs for Career Growth Opportunities
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 23 August, 2022

Technology has changed the way we do things, making our tasks more efficient and convenient. With more and more people spending time on the internet to shop for their needs, job opportunities in e-commerce have become in demand. To thrive, businesses are strengthening their online presence by adding digital specialists to their workforce. This is great news for jobseekers like you, who want in on the fast-paced and exciting world of e-commerce.

Why E-Commerce Jobs are Attractive

E-commerce remains to be a successful industry. Just think of Amazon and eBay, and local giants Shopee and Lazada, which have become household names. Companies have also jumped on the digital bandwagon by establishing their online shops. Want to land an e-commerce job? Here are some reasons that say you’re making the right decision.

It’s a continuously growing industry.

E-commerce has grown tremendously and continues to thrive to this day. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many online businesses reached their peak, providing products and services for those unable or hesitant to leave their homes. Along with remote jobs, online shopping is one of the major changes that happened during the global health crisis.

It creates plenty of job opportunities.

As online customers multiply, the demand for e-commerce grows. When this happens, digital businesses expand to ensure the smooth process of fulfilling orders. This means more job openings— and more ways for jobseekers to build a career.

It offers job flexibility.

The beauty about digital businesses is that most of their roles can also be done remotely. According to the Decoding the Digital Challenge Report, there’s an uptrend of digital workers working outside the office. At the same time, these employees also prefer work flexibility, wanting to work from home a few days every week. This arrangement also makes it possible for digital employees to work for international employers.

It provides great training.

Whether you’re entering as a customer service representative or wanting to train as a manager, the industry gives you multi-tasking skills. Though digital roles have specific tasks and responsibilities, some of these may bleed into other business aspects. For example, a content writer may be assigned some duties in social media, marketing, and customer experience.

It gives you instant feedback.

E-commerce can get competitive, so business owners take customer feedback seriously. This customer-centric attitude helps them identify pain points and think of solutions fast, sharpening their soft skills in critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, and many others.

It helps you strategize.

Because instant feedback is possible in e-commerce, the industry trains you to think fast on your feet. You learn from customer complaints, and quickly come up with ways to resolve these issues. You also get to try out new ideas with speedy results, helping you decide which are worth keeping or scrapping.

10 Hottest Job Opportunities in E-Commerce

But where can you find e-commerce jobs? A Job Outlook Survey in the second year of the pandemic revealed that employers rely on reputable online job portals like JobStreet and even social media to source talents. To get you started on your job hunting, we’ve listed down some of the most sought-after roles in e-commerce.

1. Digital Marketing Specialist

Job Level: While some companies prefer candidates to have at least a year of work experience, others accept fresh graduates.

Description: Also called digital marketers, digital marketing specialists work on campaigns to promote brand awareness.

Duties: Conducting market research, creating content, selecting ad placements, brainstorming and implementing campaigns, keeping track of social media and website traffic, reporting on campaign results

Importance of Role: Digital marketing specialists study data and may also interact with customers online, helping them pinpoint a company’s target market. By knowing what customers want, these professionals can better retain a loyal client base while attracting new buyers.

2. Social Media Specialist

Job Level: Junior, with at least two years of relevant work experience

Description: These specialists handle social media accounts and monitor these channels’ activities.

Duties: Making and scheduling posts, replying to comments, building social media strategies, boosting customer engagement, ensuring that best practices are met when creating content

Importance of Role: Social media have become an important aspect of marketing. Social media specialists aim to expand an audience and uplift brand perception. As a result, this increases sales and business profit.

3. Account Manager

Job Level: Depending on the business, this may be a mid-level role that requires at least three years of experience or a junior-level job.

Description: Involved in B2B (business-to-business) transactions, account managers handle business clients, building long-term relationships with them.

Duties: Building and maintaining client relationships, meeting clients’ needs and expectations, liaising between the business and its clients, identifying sales and business opportunities

Importance of Role: They facilitate the smooth interaction between the company and its customers. They make their clients feel valued, creating customer loyalty and satisfaction.

4. Content Strategist

Job Level: Junior role, with at least two years of experience.

Description: These strategists often work with a group of content creators such as writers, podcasters, bloggers, and social media influencers to generate ideas for digital content.

Duties: Conducting market research, using SEO (search engine optimization) to build digital traffic, improving the website based on customer feedback, developing new content platforms

Importance of Role: Digital content has become a crucial component of capturing public interest. Content strategists help set marketing goals and systematic ways to achieve them. When there’s a sound content strategy in place, the company’s efforts in product promotion translate into sales.

5. Business Analyst

Job Level: Mid-level, with at least five years of experience

Description: Businesses constantly evolve to keep up with industry trends. Business analysts help companies define what needs to be changed and suggest technical solutions to keep businesses thriving.

Duties: Gathering data and information to determine business needs, conducting risk analysis, managing projects, working with the IT (information technology) team to implement changes and solutions

Importance of Role: They transform ideas into action plans and concrete results. Because of their deep knowledge of industry news and innovations, they can improve processes to future-proof businesses.

6. Quality Assurance Specialist

Job Level: Junior, with at least two years of experience

Description:To constantly improve and monitor a company’s products, quality assurance specialists test and examine them according to set standards.

Duties: Creating and carrying out quality assurance guidelines, streamlining processes, conducting inspections, spotting product issues and resolving them

Importance of Role: Unlike in physical shops, customers who buy online can’t inspect the products before purchasing them. Quality assurance specialists make sure that these goods are top-quality and meet customer requirements. This way, the company can enjoy repeat purchases and build consumer trust.

7. Administrative Assistant

Job Level: Entry-level

Description: As part of the administrative team, these assistants help in clerical work, ensuring that office processes remain efficient and organized.

Duties: Answering calls and queries, managing schedules and appointments, drafting reports and correspondence, maintaining physical and digital records

Importance of Role: Administrative assistants are involved in the day-to-day operations of the company. From filing paperwork and doing bookkeeping to preparing invoices and memos, these professionals ensure the smooth functioning of a business.

8. Software Developer

Job Level: Entry-level role

Description: These tech-savvy workers build and test software that lets employees complete tasks. In e-commerce, developers design software to create online shops and mobile apps, improve customer experience, and automate payment systems.

Duties: Examining and tweaking existing software, designing new software, meeting with project managers to fulfill their requirements, delivering business solutions

Importance of Role: Aside from developing software that makes online transactions fast and hassle-free, these professionals also enable websites to add features and market their products more effectively.

9. Customer Service Representative

Job Level: Entry-level

Description: Customer service representatives provide client support by resolving concerns and managing orders.

Duties: Answering calls, emails, and messages, providing product details and information, replying to customer complaints, processing orders and refunds, documenting dealings with customers

Importance of Role: Stellar customer service boosts brand reputation, increases sales, and gives value to clients. Customer service representatives also help the sales department to pinpoint which products are in-demand, so the company can stock up on them.

10. Warehouse Staff

Job Level: Entry-level role

Description: Warehouse staff members guarantee the organization and inventory of products and other materials essential to a business.

Duties: Keeping track of deliveries, tagging, and labeling goods, organizing items, filling orders, packing and shipping items

Importance of Role: Logistics is an important part of e-commerce. Aside from ensuring that products are in good condition before they are packed, labeled, and shipped on time, warehouse personnel also manage inventory.

Snag That E-Commerce Job!

Taking an e-commerce career path assures you of many job opportunities even in the years to come. This industry is expanding globally, which means you can grow your professional life beyond local borders. If you enjoy a dynamic environment and using technology, e-commerce is for you!

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