10 Part-Time Jobs for Students in the Philippines You Can Land

10 Part-Time Jobs for Students in the Philippines You Can Land
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 28 September, 2022

Part-time jobs for students in the Philippines have expanded, thanks to the rise of remote work. This is hugely because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which limited face-to-face transactions. As a result, businesses fast-tracked their digitization, allowing them to provide products and services online. This automation process created a current demand for digital workers, whose work arrangement may be completely remote—or hybrid, wherein they needed to report to the office only some days of the week.

Benefits Of Part Time Jobs For Students

This development has made it easier for students like you to do part-time work, which has the following benefits:

1. Job Flexibility

A work-from-home is ideal, so you don’t have to spend time and money on commuting. Having a flexible job schedule is also better, so you can divide your time between work and studies.

2. More Opportunities

Thanks to the remote setup, you don’t have to limit yourself to local clients. You can also apply to foreign companies and work for them without leaving the Philippines.

3. Skills Development

Earning extra income and building savings are the most obvious benefits of getting a part-time job. However, you also gain work experience, which can help you land a full-time job faster after graduation.

4. Career Planning

Working early gives you a head start in mapping out your career. Because of your professional experience, you have a better idea of what you want to do in the future.

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How the K-12 System Helps

According to the government’s official gazette, the K-12 curriculum implemented in the country in 2012, covers kindergarten up to the 12th grade aims to prepare graduates for the following:

  • Tertiary education
  • Middle-level skills development
  • Employment
  • Entrepreneurship

This means that today’s high school graduates are equipped to enter the workforce. In fact, students who finished Grade 10 can already acquire Certificates of Competency (COC) or a National Certificate Level 1 (NC1).

In senior high school (Grades 11 and 12), you can choose among the following tracks:

  • Academic
  • Sports and Arts
  • Technical-Vocational-Livelihood

During this time, you can finish on-the-job training and get earning opportunities in your chosen track. If you took the Technical-Vocational-Livelihood track, you can take an assessment from the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). After passing, you can already obtain a National Certificate Level II (NC II), which opens up more job opportunities for you.

What Jobs Can Students Do In The Philippines? 10 To Try!

To help you get started on your career, try these jobs that offer flexibility and learning opportunities.

1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Job Description: Provide administrative assistance from a remote location.

Duties: Conducting email or phone correspondence, organizing meetings and calendars, preparing presentations, responding to queries, and managing online records and contact lists.

Required Skills: Excellent communication, typing, organization, multitasking

Virtual Assistant Salary: ₱180 per hour

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2. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer Job Description: Create high-impact visual design solutions for companies.

Duties: Brainstorming and implementing design ideas for illustrations, logos, posters, brochures, magazines, and other promotional materials.

Required Skills: Creativity, up-to-date software knowledge, collaboration, communication, an eye for detail

Graphic Designer Salary: ₱200 per hour

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3. Data Encoder

Data Encoder Job Description: Maintain client  database by entering new and updated customer and account information.

Duties: Preparing and organizing data, ensuring data accuracy, inputting data in the computer system, maintaining backups for database information

Required Skills: Organization, time management, attention to detail, typing

Data Encoder Salary: ₱300 per hour

4. Web Developer

Web Developer Job Description: Design and develop websites, ensuring their proper functioning.

Duties: Monitoring websites and applications, collaborating with the web design team members, updating websites, resolving website issues and debugging the system

Required Skills: Software knowledge, analytical thinking, testing and debugging

Web Developer Salary: ₱250 per hour

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5. Transcriptionist

Transcriptionist Job Description: Converting audio files into text documents.

Duties: Transcribing recordings, ensuring transcription accuracy through proofreading, meeting work deadlines, using transcription software

Required Skills: Typing, listening, proofreading, time management

Transcriptionist Salary: ₱250 per hour

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6. Online English Teacher

Online English Teacher Job Description: Prepare and teach lessons to improve the students’ skills in writing, speaking and reading English.

Duties: Drafting lesson plans, customizing lessons according to students’ needs and competence, monitoring students’ progress

Required Skills: Communication, adaptability, time management, the ability to create a stimulating environment

Online English Teacher Salary: ₱250 per hour

7. Social Media Specialist

Social Media Manager Job Description: Help manage company’s social media platforms by interacting with followers and customers.

Duties: Boosting brand awareness, creating campaigns, being updated on social media trends, growing social media following

Required Skills: Communication, creativity, customer care, design

Social Media Manager Salary: ₱190 per hour

8. Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative Job Description: Support customers by answering questions, addressing complaints, and resolving issues.

Duties: Answering phone calls, finding sales leads, satisfying customers, recording customer interactions, following company guidelines on dealing with customers

Required Skills: Communication, empathy, adaptability, conflict-resolution

Customer Service Representative Salary: ₱160 per hour

9. Copywriter

Copywriter Job Description: Produce clear and succinct copy for promotional and marketing materials.

Duties: Consulting with clients or the Marketing Manager to understand requirements, writing compelling and concise copy, brainstorming with the creative team, revising copy according to clients’ inputs

Required Skills: Writing, communication, creative thinking, research

Copywriter Salary: ₱190 per hour

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10.  Online Researcher

Online Researcher Job Description: Use online resources to gather data and information on specific topics.

Duties: Searching the internet for relevant information, documenting findings, going through websites and online materials such as blogs, journals, and newsletters

Required Skills: Comprehension, writing, resourcefulness, accuracy

Online Researcher Salary: ₱140 per hour

Tips in Finding the Right Part-Time Job

To ensure that you find a job that fulfills you financially and emotionally, follow these pointers:

1. Use only reputable online job portals.

Although social media can be a valuable job-hunting tool, you’re assured of certified and reputable employers when you use JobStreet. For over 20 years, JobStreet has been the preferred talent partner of private and government organizations. To help you get the job you want, JobStreet uses AI (artificial intelligence) that boosts the accuracy and relevance of your search results.

2. Find jobs that suit your skills.

Your chance of getting employed gets better when you consider jobs that match your skills. This also lessens the learning curve since you already have an idea of the role’s requirements.

3. Make sure that the job fits your preferences.

If remote work is your preferred setup, then look for jobs that allow this arrangement. Remember that this is an extra responsibility on top of your academic workload. So, you should only consider part-time jobs that fit your current schedule.

4. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Your main job is still being a student. If your part-time work is affecting your studies, then maybe it’s time to look for an alternative that offers more flexibility.

5. Be determined.

Don’t lose heart if you can’t find a part-time job that suits your needs right away. If the pay is too low or if the setup is too demanding, it might be best to#SEEKBetterwith other opportunities. Explore JobStreet, ask people in your network for referrals, and visit the websites of companies you’re targeting.

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Get Your Dream Part-Time Job!

Ready to apply for jobs to boost your earnings and learnings? Visit JobStreet or download the JobStreet app on Google Play or the App Store to create or update your profile.

#SEEKBetterby using our Career Tools and visiting our Career Resources Hub.

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