Assistant Vice President

Support the board executives, particularly the Vice President, in a company’s growth and development strategy.
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What's it like to be an Assistant Vice President?

An Assistant Vice President is an executive position in a company. They are found in most industries, particularly the financial services sector and the academe. Assistant Vice Presidents typically provide support in the tasks of the Vice President, such as recruiting management and evaluating their performance in line with company goals. Their other duties vary depending on the industry and business areas they are assigned to. Assistant Vice Presidents will need a track record of leadership, decision-making, and organizational skills to perform successfully.

Assistant Vice President

Tasks and duties

  • Planning company budgets and target revenues.
  • Implementing strategically planned company agendas.
  • Evaluating customer needs and company performance.
  • Developing new policies, products and services.
  • Managing project completion and adherence to budget.
  • Supervising management and employees.
  • Keeping correspondence with chief stakeholders and clients.
  • Providing support as directed by the Vice President.

How to become an Assistant Vice President

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Around 5-10 years of leadership experience is required to become an Assistant Vice Presidence. Although one can be an Assistant Vice President with a Bachelor degree, a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) may be an advantage.

  1. Graduate with a bachelor degree in management, finance, business administration, or another related field.

  2. Consider applying to a management trainee program with a recognized company to fast-track your management career path. Otherwise, apply for an entry-level position in your industry of choice.

  3. Get promoted to mid-level positions such as team leader, assistant manager, and manager.

  4. Pursue graduate studies, such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Finance, or Master of Education.

  5. Gain 5-10 years of experience in your industry, rising to senior management and executive positions.

  6. Consider getting a certification, such as a postgraduate certificate in financial management or a postgraduate certificate in leadership and management for continuing professional growth.

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Analytical Thinking
Communication Skills
Contact Centre Services
Commercial Acumen
Project Management
Business Management
Microsoft PowerPoint
Philippines Professional Regulation Commission Licence
Microsoft Products
Problem Solving
Time Management
Computer Literacy
Customer Service
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