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Provide advice and support to businesses regarding software and technology that can improve systems and processes.
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What's it like to be a Functional Consultant?

A Functional Consultant is a professional who provides expert advice and guidance to businesses to improve their operations and solve complex problems. They specialize in a particular field, such as finance, sales, or supply chain management. The Functional Consultant develops strategies and solutions to address the identified issues. This could involve recommending and implementing new software systems, redesigning workflows, or suggesting changes to improve efficiency and productivity. They consider the specific needs and goals of the company and work towards achieving them.

Tasks and duties

  • Conducting thorough analysis and gathering information to understand the needs and challenges of the company.
  • Working closely with company employees and stakeholders to gain insights into the existing processes and systems.
  • Identifying areas for improvement and proposing strategies and solutions to address those areas.
  • Developing and documenting detailed plans for implementing changes, including recommending software systems or workflow redesign.
  • Providing guidance and support during the implementation phase, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to the business.
  • Offering training to employees on new processes or systems to ensure they understand and can adapt to the changes.
  • Monitoring the progress of the implemented changes and making necessary adjustments as needed.
  • Acting as a subject matter expert, providing advice and recommendations to optimize operations and improve efficiency.
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The role of a Functional Consultant involves closely collaborating with a company's employees and understanding how different parts of the business work together. They analyze the company's processes, systems, and challenges to identify areas where improvements can be made. During the implementation phase, the Functional Consultant plays a crucial role in guiding the company through the changes. They provide training and support to employees to ensure a smooth transition to the new processes or systems.

How to become a Functional Consultant

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While there is no required degree to become a Functional Consultant, employers may prefer a graduate with a degree related to business administration, information technology, engineering, or a related field.

  1. Finish your Senior High School (SHS) diploma.

  2. Graduate with a degree in business administration, information technology, engineering, or another related field.

  3. Develop your capabilities in enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), such as SAP, Oracle, or Microsoft Dynamics.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365
Computer Science
Knowledge Sharing
Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing
Test Planning
Requirement Analysis
Data Migration
Real Estate Management
Functional Testing
ERP Implementations
Computer Engineering
Communication Skills
Team Work
Information Systems
Problem Solving
ERP Software
Microsoft Products
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