Delivery Manager

Supervise a team of Developers in producing, installing, and troubleshooting technology tools and products.
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What's it like to be a Delivery Manager?

A Delivery Manager functions similarly to project managers and works with stakeholders to develop programs and systems. They manage a team of Developers to create software products and solutions. Through efficient use of management skills, they ensure that their team builds a product through each step of the development cycle, from alpha to beta and, finally, production. A Delivery Manager also creates training programs for potential users while overseeing troubleshooting measures.

Tasks and duties

  • Coordinating with other managers to identify project scope and resource needs.
  • Negotiating with internal and external stakeholders, including upper management.
  • Setting project deadlines and ensures their team meets and delivers on time.
  • Managing prioritization and delegates tasks to appropriate team members.
  • Creating a collaborative and positive work culture with their developers.
  • Responding to and lead the developers through project obstacles.
  • Providing training programs and troubleshooting services to potential users.

How to become a Delivery Manager

SEEK Learning

Delivery Managers usually have IT, computer science, engineering, or business degrees. They must also have 4-5 years of work experience in the software industry. Delivery Managers must be able to supervise using project management, communication, and business skills. Certifications and postgraduate degrees in business may help to achieve this.

  1. Graduate with an IT, computer science, engineering, or business administration degree.

  2. Apply for an entry-level job for developers such as Software Engineer, Web Developer, or Junior Programmer. Aside from IT specific-jobs, you may also consider gaining experience via roles in customer service or project delivery. 

  3. Gain 4-5 years of work experience in the software industry. Evolving into a Senior Developer may also be beneficial and help in your transition.

  4. Acquire IT and project management certifications.

  5. Consider a postgraduate degree in business to broaden your skillset beyond the technical knowledge of the IT industry.

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Top skills and experience requested in recent job ads

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Software Delivery
Pmp Certificate
Issue Management
Oracle Esb
Software Development Lifecycle
Conflict Resolution
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Service-Oriented Architecture
Application Integration
Information Technology
Java Programming
Applications Development
Edi Software
Kanban Methodology
Agile Methodologies
Red Hat
Mature Thinking
Contact Centre Services
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