Supply Chain Manager

Lead the procurement, manufacturing, packaging and shipment of products.
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What's it like to be a Supply Chain Manager?

A Supply Chain Manager oversees the entire lifespan of a manufactured product, from the sourcing of raw materials to the delivery of the final product to consumers. Supply Chain Managers are responsible for ensuring that the product and its packaging meet the quality standards of the company, as well as coordinating between all departments involved in the creation and distribution of goods for an efficient workflow. Organization, time management, attention to detail and problem-solving are all key skills to succeed in the role. Supply Chain Managers work in the manufacturing, transportation and logistics, pharmaceutical, textile and food industries.

Supply Chain Manager

Tasks and duties

  • Planning supply chain workflow to align with budgets and deadlines.
  • Negotiating deals with suppliers for raw materials.
  • Overseeing the manufacturing process and team.
  • Conducting quality assurance on products and packaging.
  • Utilizing project management software to track supply chain progress.
  • Analyzing inventory and production rate to predict outcomes.
  • Building relationships with new third-party vendors.
  • Mitigating supply chain risks and bottlenecks.

How to become a Supply Chain Manager

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A minimum of a bachelor degree is required to become a Supply Chain Manager, with some companies preferring candidates with postgraduate education. Should you have a degree that is not related to supply chain management, there are available certificate courses to help you in your qualifications. Having a postgraduate degree in supply chain management is advantageous, as well as work experience in the logistics and manufacturing industry.

  1. Graduate with a bachelor degree in Supply Chain Management.

  2. Complete an internship with a recognized logistics or manufacturing company.

  3. Get a related entry-level job as warehouse assistant, purchaser or logistics analyst.

  4. Take a certification course such as Enterprise Supply Chain Management, Certified Supply Planning Professional, or Certified Warehouse and Logistics Professional.

  5. Consider completing a Master in Business Administration (MBA) Major in Supply Chain Management.

  6. Apply to become a member of the Philippine Institute for Supply Management (PISM).

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Supply Chain Management Software
Inventory Management
Industrial Engineering
Production Planning
Demand Planning
Materials Management
Warehouse Management
Stock Control
Communication Skills
Critical Thinking
Information Technology
Problem Solving
Business Management
FMCG Industry
Creative Thinking
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Supply Chain Manager jobs on JobStreet
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Jun 2023
5 – 9 years
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Large (200+ employees)
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Supply Chain management is my skills of expertise.
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Complex role, however I have enjoyed it.
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